The sports service is dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of injuries in athletes. Specialty areas include arthroscopic surgeries of the knee, shoulder, hip, foot and ankle.

An important approach we use with our many sports athletes and teams is to provide a broad base of care. Our team works to provide treatment to our local athletes as well as athletes from across the United States. The physicians in the sports medicine division see athletes from club sports such as volleyball and soccer, junior Olympic sports, AAU basketball, as well as high school, collegiate, semiprofessional and professional sport athletes.

Our surgical approaches for athletic injury emphasize the use of arthroscopic techniques for the knee, shoulder, elbow, hip and ankle. Specific studies on the efficacy of anatomic ACL reconstruction and the pathoetiology of osteoarthritis following ACL injury/ reconstruction are underway. Clinical outcomes following PCL and posterolateral reconstruction continue as a source of interest. In addition, clinical studies are in progress examining outcomes following arthroscopic shoulder stabilizations, labral repairs and rotator cuff repairs, as well as the evaluation of the success of cartilage restorative procedures about the knee and ankle. A final area of interest is the development of techniques to enhance healing of overuse-related injuries in athletes.

For the last 35 years, our sports medicine section has had a special interest in providing care for elite gymnasts with Tom Lindenfeld, MD functioning as team physician for Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy. Our center also provides care for the gymnasts at Queen City Gymnastics. In these athletes, we see an array of overuse injuries including low back pain, spondylolysis, ischial epiphysitis, distal radial epiphysitis, Sever’s disease and Osgood Schlatter’s disease.

Community outreach is an important component of our sports medicine division. Hundreds of game events are covered in all types of sports. Providing on the field coverage, along with Saturday walk-in sports clinics, is a major focus of our outreach efforts. In addition, pre-participation physical examinations are a part of the overall community program which includes a complete examination done in conjunction with a primary care physician from the community.