Cincinnati SportsMedicine…. Not Just for Athletes!!

Having shoulder pain can be a debilitating problem, especially when it becomes chronic and affects your occupation. Ask Ron Slater, a 70 year old heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) specialist in Clermont County. Ron performed his trade for 38 years, but over time developed osteoarthritis. “The pain started out just being sore for a few days, but over time, progressed to a constant pain,” Ron explained.

Not being able to perform his job, he sought out the expertise of Dr. Samer Hasan, an orthpaedic shoulder specialist with Cincinnati SportsMedicine & Orthopaedic Center. Dr. Hasan examined Ron’s shoulder and reviewed the radiographs and MRI results which revealed severe glenohumeral arthritis. “Dr. Hasan explained the severity of the problem and recommended a total shoulder replacement,” Ron stated. “He was very thorough with his explanation, provided the success rate for the procedure, and gave precise information on what I needed to do.”

In January of 2011 Ron underwent his shoulder replacement. He immediately noticed improvement after surgery. “I really never suffered any pain,” Ron commented. “The arthritic pain was gone and the only pain was stretching my shoulder in rehab.” Ron was actively involved in a physical therapy program for several weeks which Ron also gives credit to the success of his shoulder. At his three and half month check-up, Ron was doing so well, Dr. Hasan allowed him to return to activities. “Within 4 months I was able to do any type of work I previously did. It even improved my golf game.” When asked what he’d recommend to others experiencing shoulder pain, Ron replied, “Get it taken care of. I suffered with constant pain for 4 months before seeing the doctor. My shoulder progressed where there wasn’t a treatment but the operation. It has turned out wonderfully for me. My experience with Dr. Hasan and the staff of Cincinnati SportsMedicine was excellent.”

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