The Approach to Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement (TKR) surgery is commonly performed for patients who have severe arthritic damage in the knee joint. In this procedure, the damaged surfaces of the bones are removed and replaced. Most patients who undergo TKR are over the age of 50, but this operation may be indicated for younger patients with severe articular cartilage damage. Patients who require TKR typically have severe knee pain and/or stiffness that limits daily activities such as walking, climbing stairs, and getting in and out of chairs. Many patients experience pain and swelling while resting. Patients who undergo TKR have failed conservative treatment including medications, injections, physical therapy, and weight control.

Patients should have realistic expectations for surgical results. Most patients will experience a dramatic improvement in pain and knee function surgery and rehabilitation. Light, low-impact activities (walking, swimming, golfing, bicycling) can often be performed following TKR. High impact athletics or occupational activities are not recommended and should be avoided.

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