Final Comments on Stem Cell Injections (PRP, BMAC Fat cells)

What you need to know:

  1. The use of the term “Stem Cell Injections” and “Regenerative Therapy” is very misleading and not truthful. The number of stem cells is very few in all these products and stem cells do not function to repair tissue.  The stem cells do not “differentiate” into another cell to renew or repair cartilage or ligament.
  2. The benefit of PRP, BMAC, Adipose injections are that a number of growth factors and other factors are in the injection and work to reduce inflammation, and block chemicals released into the knee joint due to joint damage.
  3. The injections promote a healthier joint environment and decreases pain, swelling and stiffness initially in many patients, but this is not permanent. There are no regenerative or repair actions that occur.  The term “Regenerative Therapy” is incorrect and false advertising

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